Car Broken Down?

Batteries On Demand provides 24/7 emergency breakdown services from just $69*

Flat Battery & Need a Jump Start?

It is frustrating when you jump into you car and the car doesn’t start, this means either your battery is flat or dead, not to worry! Batteries On Demand will come 24/7 and jump start it for you from just $59*

Locked Out of Your Car?

Oh No! It is so annoying to come out of your car and notice that you have left the keys inside the ignition and you are locked out! Call Batteries On Demand 24/7 and we will come and open your car door from just $89*

Run Out Of Petrol?

It’s late at night and you are out of petrol! Just call Batteries On Demand and we will bring 5 liters of petrol to get you back on the road from just $89*